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Quote of the day

Today the sky is clear and the air feels pure; a blessing breeze gently blows. Looking up, we see the vastness of the universe; looking down, we know the flourishing of all things. Thus we gaze outward, letting the mind float; we are filled with the complete pleasure of seeing and hearing. This is a day to truly enjoy.

Excerpted from:

Heart of the Brush: The Splendor of East Asian Calligraphy

by Kazuaki Tanahashi,

page 346


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Buurman en sy beeld.

Julle het my buurman al ontmoet. Sout van die Aarde soort van mens ten spyte van die ultra-konserwatiewe streep wat die man het. `ʼn Trump ondersteuner en lofsanger erger as Fox News. Maar hy kan ook nie anders nie, hy het immers in die Waterberge opgegroei en mens geword en die destydse Afrikaner kultuur van Volk en Land en Taal en Kerk het in sy beendere gaan sit soos jou vel om jou lyf sit.

Later is die man weg uit die Waterberge, maar die Waterberg sit steeds in sy lyf en slaan kol-kol weer uit as hy erg geagiteerd raak, gewoonlik net as ek begin dink my eie meer liberale uitkyk op die lewe begin sy AWB uitkyk so effens te temper.

Maar net voor ek die handdoek ingooi, dan gooi hy weer `n klip in my bos om onrus onder my oordele en veroordelings te saai. Soos nou weer met sy nuwe buurman. Die storie kom so; Buurman verf weer die hoë pre-cast muur wat hom van sy Noordelike buurman skei. En soos hoeveel maal tevore voeter hy weer van die stellasie af en beland in die blombedding. Net toe kom loer die Noordelike buurman oor die muur en sê hy sien Buurman het hierdie stellasie gedoente (scaffolding noem Buurman dit) wat hy gebruik as hy buite aan die huis rond peuter soos verf en geute skoonmaak en so aan. Hy wil self bietjie aan sy huis verf en wil weet of hy die gedoente kan leen vir die taak.

My 74 jarige ou buurman is mos nou van geaardheid `n goeie mens en stem in om die pyperasie vir die man te leen, maar eers later, sê hy. Ek lê net eers bietjie en rus hier tussen die blomme. Mens moet so af en toe tot rus kom en die skoonheid van die natuur bewonder, as’t ware die blomme ruik en die bytjies van nader bekyk.

Hy het dit eintlik sarkasties bedoel, maar dit het by sy buurman verby gegaan. Later gaan slaan hy die stellasie self vir sy buurman op en wys hoe dit werk. Baie dankbaar is die man en sê hy hou van my buurman se manier van doen. “Jy sien nie kleur nie,” sê hy. “Jy sien net `n medemens wat hulp nodig het, en dit gee my moed vir die land van ons.” Sien, my buurman se nuwe buurman is `n Zoeloe. (meer…)

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Uit ons beskeie tuintjie


Die winter byt nog skerp, maar die blomme dink al dis Lente.


Miskien weet hulle iets wat ons nie weet nie, en daarom is hulle so vrolik kleurvol.


n Ruiker van Boslelies vir my Maria op wag voor die kruis.


Ma se bonsai bougainvillia doen weer sy bes terwyl die son sak oor die bosveld.

Dit was nie in ons tuin nie, ons tuin is nie so wild nie!

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Trump and a post-truth world

(Just another Glass Bead Game?)

Just a short introduction to and, discussion of Ken Wilber’s book on the phenomenon of the election of Donald Trump as the forty-fifth president of the US of A that came for some as a complete surprise and even as a staggering shock, while others could hardly contain their jubilation.

I urge you to go and read the book yourself to get a completely different perspective on the issue from the normal I hate him/I love him emotional outpourings in newspapers and on the digital social media forums.

The million-dollar question is; Is Trump the demon that is going to destroy America (like the foaming at mouth Democrats make him out to be), or is he the saviour that will make America great again as the Republicans, and Trump himself, so loudly proclaim?

Wilber, with his Integral Theory (or Metatheory), does not focus on the new occupant of the White house as prime factor (or culprit) in the shocking result of the election that put an “orange” (more about this later), leader in the driving seat of the country that was once regarded as the indisputable economic, technological and social leader of the world.

Wilber rather focusses on the evolutionary process that integrates premodern, modern and postmodern structures, stages and lines of development and everything that went right to bring America (and most of the free, democratic world) from level 1 (Infrared/Archaic) development to a level 7 development and leadership country (Green/Postmodern/World-centric) and then to the brink of level 7 (Turquoise/Integral), and what went horribly wrong to get the US back to a level 4 (Amber/Ethnocentric) government, fanning the flames of new internal culture wars where 50% of Americans positively hates the other 50% of Americans who hates them loudly and vehemently right back.

At a time when leading (Green) intellectuals became toxic and started deconstructing and virtually destroying the very systems that were holding the Postmodern society together, and moving it forward, the Republicans (with a little help from the Kremlin?), capitalised on the ensuing bewilderment of the people and grabbed control of the government.

Wilber’s Integral Theory, combining different developmental theories (from Piaget’s stages of cognitive development, to the theories of Graves, Kohlberg, Maslow, Kegan, Loevinger, Gerber, Fowler, Gilligan – stages of female development – and many more, into one Integral Operating System (IOS), using the AQAL matrix to map individual or group evolution on Cognitive, Emotional, Interpersonal, Psychosexual, Moral, Spiritual and other developmental factors that influences and determines  human behaviour, tries to make sense of, and postulates a way to salvage a world gone slightly mad. (meer…)

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Aretha Franklin


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Declaration of the Independence of the Mind by Romain Rolland (January 29, 1866–December 30, 1944): An Extraordinary 1919 Manifesto Signed by Albert Einstein, Bertrand Russell, Jane Addams, Hermann Hesse and Other Luminaries

Mens moet onthou dat hierdie Manifes geskryf is net na die eerste wêreldoorlog toe die wêreld verwoes was, duisende mense dood is en volke en lande verdeel was deur haat en wraaksug.

Intellectual workers, comrades scattered throughout the world, separated for the past five years by arms, censorship, and the hatred of nations at war, now that the barriers have been let down and the frontiers have been reopened, we address an Appeal to you to form once again our fraternal union — a new union closer and stronger than the one that existed before.

Maar nou staan ons weer in  n wêreld verdeel deur haat en oorlog en dreigement van oorlog. Moet ons eers wag tot die tromslaners en opruiers en aanhitsers van geweld die wêreldeer in puin lê voordat ons n oproep om broederskap en vrede die wêreld instuur?

May this experience be a lesson to us, at least for the future! … The thinkers and artists have added an immeasurable amount of poisoning hatred to the scourge destroying Europe’s body and mind. In the arsenal of their wisdom, memory, and imagination, they sought old and new reasons, historical, scientific, logical, and poetic reasons for hating. They worked to destroy mutual understanding among men. And in doing this, they disfigured, reduced, depreciated, and degraded the Idea whose representatives they were. They made it (perhaps without realizing it) the instrument of the passions and egotistical interests of a political or social clan, of a State, of a fatherland, of a class… And the Idea, compromised by their conflicts, emerges debased with them.

Ons bou mure, ons Brexit, ons begin sinnelose handels oorloë en blaas haat aan teen almal wat nie soos ons is, of soos ons lyk nie. Ons egoïstiese, selfversekerde en opgeblase leiers belowe oorlog en totale uitwissing van almal wat hulle teenstaan. En ons laat toe dat hulle ons meesleur deur hulle haat, want ons het Hiroshima en Nagasaki vergeet?

Arise! Let us free the Mind from these compromises, these humiliating alliances, this hidden subservience! The Mind is the servant of no man. We are the Mind’s servants. We have no other master. We are created to carry and to defend its light, to rally around it all men who are lost. Our role, our duty is to maintain a fixed point, to show the pole star amidst the storm of passions in the darkness. Among these passions of pride and mutual destructions, we do not single out any one, we reject them all. We commit ourselves never to serve anything but the free Truth that has no frontiers and no limits and is without prejudice against races or castes. Of course, we do not dissociate ourselves from Humanity. We toil for it — but for all humanity. We do not recognize peoples — we acknowledge the People — unique and universal — the People who suffer, who struggle, who fall and rise again, and who always advance along the rugged road that is drenched with their sweat and their blood. We recognize the People among all men who are all equally our brothers. And so that they may become, like us, ever more conscious of this brotherhood, we raise above their blind struggles the Arch of Alliance — the free Mind that is one, manifold, eternal.

Ons moet die gety van haat en verdeling stop. Ons moet brue bou en hande vat en die bloedlustiges tot hulle sinne bring … of ons sal uitgewis word terwyl die grootbek leiers in hulle kernbom bestande bunkers skuil.



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Painting by Pablo Picasso

On 26 April 1937 Hitler’s Luftwaffe attacked the small town of Guernica to help Francisco Franco in his war against rebel Basque forces. During Operation Rugen 45,000Kg of bombs were dropped on the town, supposedly to destroy a bridge, the headquarters of the rebels and a weapon factory.

Three quarters of the town was destroyed. The weapons factory and the bridge were left intact!

1600 people died, and Hitler later denied vehemently that the Luftwaffe was involved in the attack on Guernica.

It is generally believed that Hitler’s attack on Guernica was a trial run and honing of the skills of his army to test his new war strategy, a strategy that came to be known as Blitzkrieg, a war tactic that he successfully used against his neighbours two years later when he attacked and conquered Warsaw, France and the Netherlands.

Berlin after the war.

And now we have two friends working on a new war strategy … the vicious ( blitzkrieg ) cyber attack on the unsuspecting voter community of America, the same exercise as the trial run that Hitler perfectly and shamelessly executed on an unsuspecting civil society. And like Hitler, the attack is shamelessly denied by all parties involved.

The world paid dearly for ignoring Hitler and his aspirations for world dominance. The world is going to pay dearly if we let us be mesmerised by ambitious men in expensive suits declaring boldly that this little experiment did not happen at all, it is a lie.

The picture above is by cartoonist Vasco Gargalo, imitating Picasso’s painting Guernica, protesting against the war in Syria by including the faces of Assad and Putin.

A new rendition of this cartoon will have to include one more face. Can you guess which one?

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